Institute of Energy, Water and Food aims to research on provision of intellectual contribution to human development policies in frame of sustainable development and develop proactive interactions/recommendations on the national and global levels for energy, water and food security issues.

It also aims to contribute to the cases of competing in a global market, meeting growing and undergoing structural changes, demands of management, productivity, cost reduction, entering new markets and upgrading of existing markets.

Today, there is almost no problem that is limited to a single country, which means problem is able to affect a region and even whole globe. Energy, water and food security issues particularly require more international cooperation rather any other field.

 Particularly on the base of energy, water and food security and in the context of human development, the institute aims forming awareness and intellectual contribution to the solution of problems; to provide interaction and strategic outcomes within cooperation development in the context of energy, water and food policy of Turkey and this way to contribute to the capacity building.

Institute of Energy, Water and Food is planned to be founded in the frame of all these considerations, intends to develop systematic and preemptive approaches for identifying and better understanding of existing and possible major changes.